Having a tough time deploying your django apps on cloud?

I had a tough time with my django deployment with all the nightmares of Gunicorn, Nginx, ASGI, WSGI, Unicorn, Uvicorn, That corn, This corn. Then getting out of permission hell by spending several days on terminal :( I said I'm done, there must be an easier way to deploy my python app. Sign up for the early access for the easy way.

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Meet Pyployer

Deploy your python applications including django, flask, fastapi etc... to the cloud of your choice without worrying about having a nightmare.

Cutting Edge

We install Latest Nginx, Python3, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, and all other packages that you need on the cloud of your choice. That too with additional required packages for your project like libpq-dev (I bet you don't know what this is unless you have scratched your head before beacuse of an error that took a good number of googling.)


After spending several days on googling, stack overflowing, facebooking, skyping, heck! even drinking, bathing and whatnot I have deployed my first django application. The soul reason I am building this tool is to avoid spending your precious developer time on configuring stupid bare metal machines. Even tools like aws beanstalk come with a fair amount of learning curve. I want you to click a few buttons and deploy your python application.

Push to deploy

Deploying code couldn't be any easier. Just push to your preferred branch on your GitHub, Bitbucket, or custom Git repository. We'll handle it from there.


Permission hell is real (There are fair number of articles about it). But we have to accept the fact that its a neccessary evil. I intend to take that evil part out from your developer time. Your instances will have secure ssh authentication, and firewalls configured by default. With proper industry standard permissions for your application files and folders.

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Thanks Shobi, this is really nice, i wish i could subscribe twice ): and yes u just got urself another subscriber


Good work Shobi. Many Thanks.


This video helped me a lot and i deployed my project directly. thanks